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List of Top Free Online Texture Libraries

You need textures you need them accurate and clean to use them in your texturing so you have several options one is grab your camera and snap pictures outside or use a texture library fortunately there are lots of texture libraries online I am trying

Maya 2017 Overview

Maya 2017 Overview What’s new in Maya 2017 and why it’s unique in terms of features compared to earlier versions? We are not implying that older versions of Maya especially from 2011 are not usable they are solid until today and future proof to 5

List of Best 3D packages for 2016

The year 2016 packs interesting changes in the 3D industry first we have the dismissal of the Softimage which let us feel sorry missing this great software knowing it was responsible for a lot of what we saw and played in media and games over

Why some may think LightWave is fading?

Why some may think LightWave is fading? LightWave 3D the one fast light weight software is also one of the tools that are underestimated in content creation due to several reasons not because major tools are seriously, hugely and massively better but because of some

3Ds Max Fluid Simulation Solutions

Max is dominant in so many industries, from Engineering Visualizations, Game Asset Creation to Animation, and is considered so popular among 3D artists and creative professionals to solve so many problems in visual arts and virtualization, however unlike Maya  which has acceptable fluid simulation tools

7 Mental Ray Books you Should Read

Great deal of the industry uses one or more of the big three, and I mean Maya, 3Ds Max and Softimage in almost all sorts of projects from TV ads, Animation, Game Development and Movies Visual Effects are using mental ray powerful rendering engine to

Maya Crowd Simulation Solutions

If you are seeking solutions for crowd simulation inside of Maya you have many choices indeed some are affordable others are so expensive and surpass the cost of maya itself, in this article I am going to list some solutions used by professionals in the

List of Sculpting and Texture Painting Tools

This list gathers some of the most used sculpting and painting applications used in most companies and studios worldwide, the main purpose of this list is to give a fast paced look into the general features and the price tag of each tool.   Autodesk