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How to Create a Paper Cut Out Layered Letter

Teela Cunningham is Graphic Designer she has an interesting set of tutorials on Photoshop and Illustrator visit Teela Cunningham YouTube Channel and Subscribe to support her in this tutorial she will show you how to create a paper cut out layered letter

7 Habits of Highly Effective Artists

Andrew Price is a talented Blender artist who is influential in Blender Community and the CG space in general he delivered a seminar about what makes the highly effective artists in his point of view, pretty interesting and informative. check it here. For more

The Secrets of Realistic Texturing in Blender

This great video is by a well known Blender veteran Andrew Price in this video he talks about how to create a realistic looking textures for your surfaces in blender using Normal Maps and other techniques video length is 34 min

Technical Direction Greg Sullivan Lightwave 3D

This is a Desktop Images Production series on Lightwave 3D training the instructor here is Greg Sullivan, Kindly the producer accepts to post this on YouTube by Greg but we could not post the video in here so we will provide a direct link to