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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Maya Crowd Simulation Solutions

If you are seeking solutions for crowd simulation inside of Maya you have many choices indeed some are affordable others are so expensive and surpass the cost of maya itself, in this article I am going to list some solutions used by professionals in the

MEL: Extruding an Edge/Polygon excluding the history

To do this simply type the following command in the script editor polyExtrudeEdge;        //to extrude edges polyExtrudeFacet;       //to extrude polygons After typing this command highlight it and hit CTRL+ENTER to execute then use one of the transformation tools move,

Duplicating an object over a curve in Maya

In order to duplicate an object over a curve you have to do the following in Maya 1. Create a curve 2. Create an object 3. Attach that object to the curve (Animate>Motion Path> Attach to Motion Path) 4. Play the animation selecting the object