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Category Archives: Maya Tricks

Create a quick Point Drag Script to help in your modeling

You can pick a point then move it or you can just point and drag it this way it’s faster to adjust your points to do this go to Window>Settings/Preferences/Preferences then select the Selection subsection in the Settings section activate click drag select this way you can just clock and drag your points

Cancel Camera viewport Transition in Maya 2013

To cancel the Transition viewport effect of the Camera in earlier versions of Maya like 2013 or earlier do the following go to Window>Settings/Preferences>Preferences Then go to the Camera Section in the Settings Group select the Camera section and unchecked the following Uncheck what want to disable from

Duplicating an object over a curve in Maya

In order to duplicate an object over a curve you have to do the following in Maya 1. Create a curve 2. Create an object 3. Attach that object to the curve (Animate>Motion Path> Attach to Motion Path) 4. Play the animation selecting the object