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Is it the tool or you the Artist who make all the difference?

Do you think It’s the tool or you the Artist who make all the difference?

By Muhammad Altamimi

In this article I am going to spot a debatable topic always found in forums, on what tool to choose to create my designs, animations and visualizations, talking about how important it is to artists to justify the belief that in CG as in any other Fine Art discipline like drawing and painting, it is important to understand that the tools is just a tool like in real world a paint brush is just a paint brush, the person behind the console makes all the difference.

This concept is true and false at the same time, let me explain,

In real world if the artist wanted to create a quality piece of work and he has low quality tools, the final work will suffer, at the same time in CG if you the artist wanted to create a high quality CG work and used a very low budget tools, your work might severely suffer as the features of your tools limit you from projecting your final vision, this is not applicable though to almost ll major CG tools, that I consider high end in the list below.

Packages I consider High End

Maya The highest ranked for animation projects.
3Ds Max Has one of the top modeling tools in the industry.
Softimage Second to Maya in Animation
LightWave By far the fastest Modeling and Animation package I used.
Modo Top modeling and visualization toolset.
C4D Ranked among the top in motion graphics
Blender Open source and powerful without breaking the bank.
Houdini One of the top in Visual Effects


now if you are seeking other tools beyond the listed, chances your work might face higher challenges to raise to the level quality you seek, that’s why you have to be perfectly aware of what tool to choose and work on, depending on the type of the project and also your budget without compromising on final quality.

Since then I wish you good luck.

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