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3Ds Max Fluid Simulation Solutions

Max is dominant in so many industries, from Engineering Visualizations, Game Asset Creation to Animation, and is considered so popular among 3D artists and creative professionals to solve so many problems in visual arts and virtualization, however unlike Maya  which has acceptable fluid simulation tools

VES Award Nominees

20/1/2014 Outstanding Visual Effects in a Visual Effects‐Driven Feature Motion Picture Gravity Tim Webber Nikki Penny Chris Lawrence Richard Mcbride Iron Man 3 Christopher Townsend Mark Soper Guy Williams Bryan Grill Pacific Rim John Knoll Susan Greenhow Chris Raimo Hal Hickel Star Trek: Into Darkness

7 Mental Ray Books you Should Read

Great deal of the industry uses one or more of the big three, and I mean Maya, 3Ds Max and Softimage in almost all sorts of projects from TV ads, Animation, Game Development and Movies Visual Effects are using mental ray powerful rendering engine to

Change Maya’s Interface Scheme

Ever wondered if you could change Maya new dark interface color back to the Lighter interface of Maya, I am going to show you how to change your Maya standard dark interface to be lighter if you prefer a lighter interface to work with,