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Duplicating an object over a curve in Maya

In order to duplicate an object over a curve you have to do the following in Maya 1. Create a curve 2. Create an object 3. Attach that object to the curve (Animate>Motion Path> Attach to Motion Path) 4. Play the animation selecting the object

List of Sculpting and Texture Painting Tools

This list gathers some of the most used sculpting and painting applications used in most companies and studios worldwide, the main purpose of this list is to give a fast paced look into the general features and the price tag of each tool.   Autodesk

List of NewTek LightWave Forums

NewTek LightWave Forums CG Talk LightWave 3D Forums Simply LightWave Forums 3D World Magazine LightWave Forum VFX Talk LightWave Forum Renderosity LightWave Forum New York City LightWave Community Forum Creative COW LightWave Forum  

List of Autodesk Maya Forums

Autodesk Maya Forums The Autodesk Area CGTalk Maya Forum Digital Tutors Maya Forum CG TANTRA Maya Section Simply Maya Forums CG Cars Maya Forum 3D World Magazine Maya Forum General Forums 3Dtotal Forums  

Useful tables of Maya Shortcut lists

By: Muhammad Altamimi To navigate quickly and easily in Maya it’s always better to memorize some shortcuts and get into the habit of using your keyboard in addition to your mouse in navigation in this small list I am summarizing the most important keys you