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List of Sculpting and Texture Painting Tools

This list gathers some of the most used sculpting and painting applications used in most companies and studios worldwide, the main purpose of this list is to give a fast paced look into the general features and the price tag of each tool.


Autodesk Mudbox

Mudbox is a sculpting and texture painting tool, it’s backed by Autodesk and is developed to be interchangeable with Autodesk products such as Maya, 3Ds max and Softimage, however the amount of power it required to run is its greatest downside, it’s a great tool but in order to sculpt an object you need to create the base mesh in another program and import it to Mudbox and start Sculpting and painting, however its greatest cool feature is the multi layered texture paint system, which lets you paint textures like in adobe Photoshop, the price tag also is too high for what you get compared to ZBrush and 3DCoat.

Price 699$


Pixologic ZBrush

ZBrush is considered the standard in digital sculpting the pack of features and tools you get is so great, also the amount of flexibility and customization you can make in ZBrush is so unique compared to other tools, you can Sculpt Highly detailed models with minimal system overhead, you can texture and pose that model and you can create short  animations too, plus you can paint 2D and 2,5D artworks all inside of ZBrush with no need to other tools, and the most dominant part is the creation of objects for sculpting from scratch using ZSpheres, however ZBrush has some kind of quirky interface, and learning curve is a little higher than the other tools, all in all its full of good features with very reasonable price tag for what you get.

Price 699$
Website |


3D Coat

3D Coat is gaining ground rapidly, it’s being used in so many pipelines lately, not because it’s lower in price compared to other tools, but because it’s really packed with some very cool features and is some kind of easy to use, the most obvious and cool feature in 3D Coat is the Voxel Sculpting feature, this lets you create geometry without caring about the topology of the object beneath which of course adds great freedom to the sculpting process, also UV mapping and texture painting tools in 3D Coat are great.

Price 349$
Website |


Synopsis It’s all about what tool you like, almost all of those tools can do the same job, but what makes a buying decision are two things, the goal that you are going to accomplish and how much of a cash flow you have to buy, lastly you have to consider how those tools are going to cope with your current pipeline.


Artwork is a Courtesy of David Moretilla | Magazine

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