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Three things to keep in Mind when starting projects

#1 Plan

You can’t start a project without having a clean understanding of what you are going to achieve, and this phase is very important in starting any type of project not only in computer graphics, or animation, the problem is you are going to waste alot of time if you didn’t have a prior knowledge of what is the project exactly and what are the solutions to achieve the final goal.

#2 References

If you think you are going to create a piece of art without references you are reaching a swamp, because almost all real projects you see in modern media are well planned and was based on preior refrences so get to know the subject very well first and then start gathering som references and learn about the object you are going to model.

#3 Discipline

As it was said discipline from the start to the end of a particular project is the actual force of moving your vision to reality so understand that you have to keep yourself from distractions and avoid interference as much as possible and dicipline yourself to finish what you have started.

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