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What’s new in Lightwave 2018

What’s new in Lightwave 2018

What’s new in Lightwave 2018 – Lightwave 2018 has been released for a while.

Now what does it bring to the users. I didn’t upgrade to 2015 I still use 11.6 and I am happy with it why you ask well because I don’t need the new features but this release made me think a little because it was a little more than refined.

What you get in Lightwave 2018 are some exciting new features that can help in your workflow those new featured are as following

New Physical Based Render Engine

Physical Based Rendering or PBR has been around for a while Lightwave however didn’t include this feature now it does this lets you preview and render PBR materials directly in Lightwave instead of an external tool like Marmoset Tool bag.

Refined Surface Editor

The surface editor in Lightwave 2018 include additional featured to reflect the new enhancements in the render engine. You get more properties to adjust including the choice to use a BRDF material, Standard material or a set of other types of materials without going to the node editor like in Lightwave 11.6.

New Volumetric Engine

The new Volumetric feature is named volumetric material and the old is called legacy now you can preview the volumetric materials in the viewport.

Refined FiberFX

FiberFX hair system has been refined now it can be previewed in the Viewport.

Better Viewport Materials

Now you have in addition to GLSL viewport a new mode called PBR GLSL Shader. It becomes useful when editing PBR materials in modeler. But not perfect.

Online Documentation

At last Newtek made an online documentation site for Lightwave and it’s for 2018 however not all materials are rewritten.


Lightwave 2018 is a good upgrade if you want physical based materials or a new volumetric system there are also modifiers for animation but this version is not really a revolution over the last version nor it will make you instant hit of an artist. If you really want to upgrade there are benefits but if you don’t need those features. Then take your time to decide.


LightWave 2018 takes 8/10

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