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Why some may think LightWave is fading?

Why some may think LightWave is fading?

LightWave 3D the one fast light weight software is also one of the tools that are underestimated in content creation due to several reasons not because major tools are seriously, hugely and massively better but because of some reasons one is pure marketing campaigns and the second is slow development from LightWave side LightWave is struggling to keep up with other major tools like Maya well at least not in the modeling side but in the animation side.

The short answer to LightWave’s position in the market is fairly simple as the question to if LightWave is dying or not is simply answered with no, LightWave is not dying and not even fading just because people using LightWave are not fully utilizing the tool to its full potential and not investing in the development of their tools in major projects does not make LightWave fading, I agree with some users that say animating in LightWave is a harder than Maya and 3Ds Max but if you understand how the tool works it will become intuitive and you will be producing in no time.

Another factor is marketing and how Newtek competitors are pushing their products in clever marketing campaigns Autodesk for example is marketing their products by example they show products AAA quality games and huge movie Visual Effects shots they interview the studios and use the material in their marketing campaigns. This is a smart move and it proves by example how the software is capable.

In the other hand we see Newtek doing a moderate work in front of Autodesk in pushing LightWave over Maya and 3ds max into the Game Development and the Engineering market and pursuing the goal of making LightWave desirable to consumers by showing real world projects and examples and everybody knows that Maya and 3Ds Max are responsible for the majority of visualization and entertainment products that could change only if other companies like Newtek started accelerating the development of LightWave and other tools.

This only could be possible if Newtek invested in developing LightWave faster and making it more desirable to new consumers against current big competitors, LightWave already contains very well implemented features in modeling and animation thought some functions need to be rewritten or developed and we surely want to see this tool advancing faster and being more popular than it is now.

2 thoughts on “Why some may think LightWave is fading?”

  1. FlyingCarrots says:

    I am currently thoroughly pissed off at the Modo community, still waiting on a refund. I am at point where I’m sick of Modo altogether, it has some quirky tools, loads of bugs, but still maintains selling vaporware somehow.

    Besides that I own:

    – ZBrush

    – Maya LT

    – Lightwave + Chronsculpt

    I don’t think Lightwave can compete with Maya, in fact I don’t think any software can compete with Autodesk minus ZBrush. In the case of LW I don’t really think it needs to compete, if you ask me what has lost LW market its Foundry’s dirty business tactics. There really isn’t anything holding LW back you can even see this on their forum.

    I actually think Maya LT + Lightwave make a powerful combo, why compete when they practically topple the competition together. Being a cut down version Maya LT lacks a renderer and its FBX export has a 60k poly limit. Which is okay on its own but using a few plugins with LW just import your Maya LT projects and fix your polys plus get a renderer boom problem solved and you get the best of both worlds. Also as a bonus Maya LT comes with a free game engine and can export natively to Unity and Unreal.

    Is that AAA enough for some of us? Hell yes!

    Maya LT – $30 Month use it where ever you like when ever you like home, school, work no bs no surprises. You don’t own it you just rent it, if you drop out and pick up again nothing has changed same price tag same goodies. You are always on the latest version so that is a mega plus, your not paying for upgrades your paying for a service right to use the software well done Autodesk.

    Lightwave – Buy to own, upgrades are extra but you own those as well. Nice model!

    ZBrush – Pay once own it for life. Free upgrades for life.

    Modo – Node locked garbage, if you decide to drop paying maintenance/rental you pay double on top of what you normally pay for maintenance/rental. I didn’t find this out until after I made the purchase, the information is not so apparent. You have to read their effin forum to discover how many people feel the pinch. Think that sucks? Their network license is equally worse, a node locked master and I’m assuming xx moveable pay as you go guests.

    Blender – Just cause, it’s worth a mention.

    1. Mohd Altamimi says:

      I totally can relate to you I also tried to use modo for a while but keep returning to Lightwave maybe because I started working with Lightwave and even though I tried 3Ds Max back then which was the norm to chose I really liked Lightwave over all other packages.

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